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About Us provides secure communication and file transfer for counsellors, their clients, and for other professional purposes.

Owned and administered by Clive Perraton Mountford, PhD, RCC, Registered MBCACP (Snr. Accredited), was developed and is hosted by Hosting Systems Ltd. at Stoke-on-Trent, England and is physically located on a server at TelecityGroup's data centre in Manchester.


Using, your messages and your files will be as secure as the log-on password you provide. So do choose a strong one. That way, only yourself and the person you are working with will have access to your data.

What makes a password strong? Ensure your password is a mix of letters and numbers, that it includes an unusual character and a capitalised letter. Ensure it doesn't use common words such as password within it.

If you don't want to use, do tell the person you are working with, and they will explore other possibilities for secure communication with you.

Discontinuing Use

When you discontinue using, and you are removed as a user, your messages and files will be deleted at the same time.